divides, dividing, divided
1) V-ERG When people or things are divided or divide into smaller groups or parts, they become separated into smaller parts.

[be V-ed into pl-n] The physical benefits of exercise can be divided into three factors...

[V n into pl-n] It will be easiest if we divide them into groups...

[V n in fraction] Divide the pastry in half and roll out each piece...

[V into pl-n] We divide into pairs and each pair takes a region...

Bacteria reproduce by dividing and making copies of themselves. [Also V n]

2) VERB If you divide something among people or things, you separate it into several parts or quantities which you distribute to the people or things.

[V n between/among pl-n] Paul divides most of his spare time between the study and his bedroom...

[V n between/among pl-n] Divide the sauce among 4 bowls. [Also V n]

3) VERB If you divide a larger number by a smaller number or divide a smaller number into a larger number, you calculate how many times the smaller number can fit exactly into the larger number.

[V n by/into num] Measure the floor area of the greenhouse and divide it by six.

4) VERB If a border or line divides two areas or divides an area into two, it keeps the two areas separate from each other.

[V n] ...remote border areas dividing Tamil and Muslim settlements.

[V n] ...the artificial line that divides the city.

[V n from n] ...the long frontier dividing Mexico from the United States. [Also V n into pl-n]

5) V-ERG If people divide over something or if something divides them, it causes strong disagreement between them.

[V n] She has done more to divide the Conservatives than anyone else...

[V-ed] The democrats are divided over whether to admit him into their group...

[V prep] The party is as likely to divide along national lines as along ideological lines. [Also V n prep]

6) N-COUNT: usu sing, usu with supp A divide is a significant distinction between two groups, often one that causes conflict.

...a deliberate attempt to create a Hindu-Muslim divide in India.

gulf, rift
7) N-COUNT: usu sing, usu with supp A divide is a moment in time or a point in a process when there is a complete change from one situation to another.

The time had come to cross the great divide between formality and truth.

8) N-COUNT A divide is a line of high ground between areas that are drained by different rivers. [AM]
(in BRIT, usually use watershed)
9) PHRASE (disapproval) You use divide and rule to refer to a policy which is intended to keep someone in a position of power by causing disagreements between people who might otherwise unite against them.

The government's policies of divide and rule have only contributed to the volatility of the region.

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